Can the lightning conductor ground wire of the building and the ground wire of the home socket be connected together?

- Dec 10, 2019-

The ground wire of the lightning rod of the building cannot be connected with the ground wire of the house, because these are two different types of ground.

Grounding is a problem that can be easily overlooked, because in most cases (a few devices cannot be started if the grounding is not up to standard), the quality of the grounding is good or bad, and even the grounding does not affect the normal operation of the appliance. Over time, many people gradually take ground as a child's play.

As the ground in the home, its main purpose is to protect personal safety. Since people's safety is to be protected, the ground wire must always be kept at zero potential. Lightning protection grounding is a special form of grounding. It can only show the value of a building when it is struck by lightning. The energy of lightning is terrible! These huge units of "10,000 volts" and "1000 amp" may be pediatrics in thunder and lightning.

If our building is exposed to 10,000 volts of lightning, at the moment of a lightning strike, a high voltage will be induced on the lightning rod or lightning strip on the top of the building, and the voltage from here to the grounding body will gradually decrease. If you live on the fifth floor of a ten-story building, then the grounding wire on the fifth floor (usually a round steel with a diameter of about ten millimeters) will have a voltage equal to half of the top of the building. If the wire is connected here, this terrible voltage will be introduced into the home. Although this time is short and the probability of occurrence is very low, once it happens, it should be easy to burn electrical appliances or cause death.