Characteristics of surge protector failure

- Jul 15, 2019-

The surge protector has a service life, and its service life has a direct relationship with the product quality (including components and production processes), the use environment, and the number of lightning strikes. If the surge protector fails, it needs to be replaced in time. So how do we determine that the surge protector has failed? Surge protector failure has some characteristics. Today, GADA shares the characteristics of the surge protector when it fails, so that the surge protector can use the unit for lightning protection inspection and timely replacement.

First, the surge protector leakage exceeds the standard

According to the lightning protection device testing technical specifications, the lightning protection device must be inspected annually. One of the important tests is the leakage current detection of the surge protector. Use the surge protector leakage current detection device for detection and compare the previous year's test data. Qualified judgment: When measuring I1ma for the first time, the measured value of the leakage current of the surge protector should not exceed the maximum value of the manufacturer; if the number of valves cannot be determined, the measured value of the surge protector should not exceed 20μA. For subsequent measurements, the measured value of the leakage current of a surge protector consisting of a single MOV and multiple MOVs should not be greater than 1 times the first measured value. Otherwise, it is unqualified.

Second, the surge protector is damaged by lightning and burns out.

The surge protector of the protection line is attacked by lightning current for many times and will be burnt and failed. The burnout surge protector failure indication is red, and it can directly determine whether it is invalid.

Third, the appearance of the surge protector

Surge protectors can be affected by the use environment, and mechanical damage, such as damage to the protective casing, can cause leakage or water ingress, there will be lightning protection safety hazards. All surge protectors with damaged casings should be replaced in time.

Fourth, the surge protector has a service life of more than 5 years.

In many cases, the environment of the surge protector is indoors, and it is less affected by lightning current and has a long service life. However, surge protectors, varistors, potting materials, etc. have a service life, generally not more than 5 years. Therefore, considering the safety of lightning protection, Yanhe Electronics recommends that surge protectors with a service life of more than 5 years be replaced.

Fifth, the reconstruction and expansion of buildings

The protection level and comprehensiveness of the original surge protector can not meet the lightning protection classification of the renovated and expanded buildings, and the surge protector should be supplemented and replaced.

In summary, these features of the surge protector failure are for your reference only.