GADA Electric tells you how does the school protect against lightning

- Dec 16, 2019-

Lightning protection products cannot be ignored in the school's lightning protection construction work, especially in recent years, lightning strikes in rural primary and secondary schools have frequently occurred, posing a serious threat to school property safety and life safety. Lightning safety management is particularly important for schools with dense personnel.

On December 3, the Tengxian Meteorological Bureau of Wuzhou City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region successfully completed the lightning protection inspection of 215 primary and secondary schools in 6 townships in the county. During the inspection, it was found that some schools have more hidden dangers of lightning protection. Some buildings are not equipped with direct lightning protection equipment, power surges or communication systems are not equipped with surge protectors, and some lines are not shielded. A person issued a rectification notice requesting rectification within a time limit.

Safety detection is the first step in the construction of school lightning protection. Next, we need to further improve the lightning protection products and strengthen the awareness of teachers and students on the safety of lightning protection, in order to do a good job of campus lightning protection.

First of all, the local meteorological departments inspected the lightning protection situation of rural schools and found that most of the school buildings are old-fashioned buildings, and lightning protection facilities have not been installed in accordance with regulations. Although some schools are equipped with lightning protection equipment, the material types and installation techniques used do not meet the national technical requirements for lightning protection, or equipment without a qualification certificate for lightning protection equipment is put into use. In view of this situation, on the one hand, it is necessary to strengthen the regular inspection of school lightning protection devices, on the other hand, to standardize the design and installation of lightning protection products, to ensure that all materials of the lightning protection devices meet the relevant parameter standards, and unqualified materials are strictly prohibited. Lightning protection installation and use.


Secondly, many rural school leaders have a weak awareness of lightning disaster prevention and believe that lightning disasters are a low-probability event. They do not take lightning protection disasters as the school's safety management content. It can be seen that it is important to strengthen the popularization of lightning protection knowledge, education and the awareness of teachers and students. The meteorological department should increase the awareness of lightning protection science through various channels, organize irregular promotion teams to go to schools to explain lightning knowledge, issue a lightning protection knowledge publicity manual, and effectively improve the school's teachers and students' awareness of lightning protection, understand lightning knowledge, and understand Lightning protection measures.

In addition to strengthening the safety inspection work in schools, the school needs to further require schools to increase the lightning safety education for teachers and students, strengthen the awareness of lightning safety, strengthen the daily management of lightning safety work, the daily maintenance of lightning protection products, Lightning protection laws and regulations and training on lightning protection knowledge.