GADA Electric tells you how to choose the miniature circuit breaker that matches the surge protector?

- Jul 29, 2019-

G20MT switch module is open circuit, so it is not necessary to install miniature circuit breaker; the first module, such as G2040MT, needs to select 63A D-type miniature circuit breaker with 10KA breaking current capability; second-level module, such as G2020MT It is necessary to select 32A C and D type miniature circuit breakers with breaking current capability of 6.5KA. Because of the different IN values of the working curve, it is recommended to use D type; the third level module, such as G2010MT, needs to use 16A breaking current capability. For the 4.5KA C and D type miniature circuit breakers, the value of the IN of the working curve is different, so the D type is recommended.