Gandian Electric tells you the types of lightning protection products

- Dec 20, 2019-

There are many types of modern lightning protection products, which can be roughly divided into surge arresters, down conductors, lightning arresters, grounding resistance, lightning protection devices and grounding devices.

1.Surge arresters

Surge arrester is a very influential lightning protection product in China in recent years. It is to change the material and shape of the air-termination device to generate electric current to neutralize the charge in the thundercloud, so that the thundercloud cannot establish the field strength required by the lightning arrester within the protection range of the lightning arrester, so as to achieve the thunder-reduction purpose. The principle of the lightning arrester is technically difficult to implement, so the lightning arrester product still needs further exploration and practice.

2. Down conductors

Down conductors and grounding devices are used to conduct and dissipate lightning currents. The down-conductor is a metal conductor that connects the air-termination device to the grounding device and should meet the requirements of mechanical strength, corrosion resistance and thermal stability. Gandian Electric recommends that the special down-conductor be generally applied along the outer wall of the building, but it should be installed in a hidden place that is not easily accessible to people to prevent the danger of contact with voltage.

3. Lightning arresters

The role of the arrester is to connect the protected line to the equipotential system in the shortest time, make the ports of the equipment equal, and at the same time release the large amount of pulse energy generated by the lightning on the circuit to the ground, so the current of the arrester The magnitude of the bleed ability will directly affect the protection ability of the circuit. Lightning arresters are mainly used to protect electrical equipment and power lines. They are also used as safety measures to prevent high voltage from entering the room.

4.Grounding resistance

The good grounding of various lightning protection products has a direct impact on the role of the protection of lightning protection products. The size of the grounding resistance is closely related to the safety of the protected object.

5.Lightning protection devices

The lightning protection device is composed of an ionization device on the top, a charge collection device underground and a connection line in the middle. The lightning suppression device manages to generate a large number of positive ions and negative ions at high altitude, and forms an ion current between the charged cumulus cloud, and slowly neutralizes the cumulus charge, shields the charged cumulus cloud, and eliminates lightning conditions.

6.Grounding devices

Grounding is the establishment of an electrical conduction path between the components of one system and another. The purpose of grounding is two, one is for safety, it is called protective ground, and the other is to provide a stable zero potential reference point for signal high voltage or system voltage, called signal ground or system ground. Grounding devices are an important part of lightning protection products.