Gandian lightning protection tells you the necessity of installing surge protector

- Apr 13, 2020-

Surge protector, also known as surge protector, lightning protector, surge arrester, etc., is a protection device that limits the transient overvoltage and overcurrent generated in the line. One. It has played a good role in lightning protection in practical applications.In the lightning protection project, we have to choose a suitable surge protector. But under what circumstances do you need to install a surge protector?

From the cause of the surge, we can clearly understand that the surge is always present in the electrical circuit, and the damage to the electrical equipment is relatively large. The components of modern electronic equipment are getting smaller and smaller, the degree of integration and precision are higher, its anti-interference ability is weaker, and its response to lightning current is more sensitive, so it is susceptible to the damage of lightning current, especially the information room and important equipment Wait, surge protection is needed. According to the requirements of "Lightning Protection Technical Specification for Building Electronic Information System" (GB50343-2012), it is necessary to use an appropriate surge protector for protection.

1. Power supply system

The AC power supply line entering the building should be installed with a first-level surge protector at the junction of the line's main distribution box, such as LPZ0A or LPZOB and LPZ1 area; the distribution box is distributed with electric boxes and distribution boxes in the electronic equipment room At the junction of subsequent protection, secondary or tertiary surge protectors are set as the secondary protection. Install the secondary or tertiary surge protector on the power end of important equipment as fine protection.

For information equipment using DC power, DC power surge protectors can be selected according to the equipment parameters.

2. Electronic Information System

Electronic information system equipment, such as network switches, monitoring systems, fire protection systems, control systems, etc., need to be equipped with corresponding signal surge protectors at the front of the equipment for protection. Low insertion loss and fast transmission rate are necessary choice Claim.

3. Antenna system

Many modern buildings are equipped with an antenna feeder system. The lightning protection of this system cannot be ignored. It needs to be equipped with an adaptive antenna feeder surge protector. It requires low insertion loss and the interface form meets the equipment requirements.

Many people believe that the value of protected equipment is low, and it would be better if it was damaged by a lightning strike and replaced with a new device. Surge protectors may be more expensive than the equipment being protected, which is not necessary. Gandian Lightning Protection Group believes that the value of the protected equipment itself may be low, and it may even get value-added services for free. However, after such equipment is damaged by lightning strikes, the system may be paralyzed, important data may be lost, and normal production or work may not be possible, thereby affecting yield and efficiency. At the same time, equipment failures caused by lightning strikes may also cause casualties and cause major safety accidents.

It can be seen that the surge protector is a necessary lightning protection device for modern enterprises and institutions, which can effectively reduce the surge (surge) on the line, protect the safety of electrical equipment at all times, and extend the service life of electrical equipment.