How to choose DC power surge protector signal DC surge protector

- Jan 04, 2021-

Features of DC power surge protector:

DC power surge protectors are generally used for signal overvoltage protection of low-voltage power supply systems to avoid damage to equipment caused by induced overvoltage, operating overvoltage, electrostatic discharge, etc.; DC power surge protectors have multi-level protection, large current capacity, and restrictions Many advantages such as low voltage and fast response time.

Generally, it is used under the conditions of minus 40℃ to above zero 70℃, relative humidity less than 95%, and atmospheric pressure between 70kPa and 106KPa.

The working principle of the power surge protector:

Surge protectors are generally connected in series at the front end of the protected equipment. The transmission line is subjected to induced lightning or other transient overvoltage surges. The inrush current is discharged to the ground through the protection branch of the surge protector. And clamp the output voltage within the allowable voltage range of the device to ensure the safety of the running device.

Installation instructions for power supply lightning arrester:

1. Before connecting the DC power surge arrester to the system, first check the grounding resistance of the ground grid, and it must meet the requirements of the corresponding national and corporate regulations.

2. Reliably connect the DC power supply lightning arrester to the front end of the protected equipment.

3. Connect the ground wire of the DC power surge arrester to the protective ground bus as short as possible.

Currently in the information age, various electronic equipment and communication equipment are becoming more and more sophisticated, and their requirements for the environment are getting lower and lower, but the lightning phenomenon of nature is inevitable, lightning will invade electrical equipment and cause instantaneous overvoltage , Causing damage to electronic equipment or components, or even accidents. If the transmitted or stored data is lost, or the local area network is paralyzed, it will cause serious economic losses. Therefore, it is very important to choose a suitable DC surge protector. How to choose the DC surge protector for signal?

(1) According to the type of maintenance equipment signal, select the corresponding signal lightning protection device, such as: computer network signal lightning protection device, video signal lightning protection device, control signal lightning protection device, antenna feed signal lightning protection device, etc.;

(2) According to the operating voltage of the equipment, select a lightning protection device with a suitable maintenance voltage. For example, the operating voltage of the control signal SPD is generally 5V, 12V and 24V;

(3) According to the requirements of the equipment regarding the insertion loss of the lightning protection device, select lightning protection devices with different bandwidths;

(4) According to the requirements of equipment interface varieties, metric system, and inch system, choose lightning protection devices with different interfaces, such as video signal SPD interface types including BNC: JJ/JK, communication line SPD interface types including RJ11 or wiring terminals.