How to prevent lightning of solar water heater

- May 12, 2020-

Solar water heaters, as the name suggests, are devices that use the principle of solar heating to obtain hot water. With the development of science and technology, solar water heaters are loved by consumers because of their novelty, environmental protection, energy saving and convenience, and the number of installations has increased year by year.

For the purpose of heat extraction, people are used to install solar water heaters on the roof in a sunny place, and this installation often exceeds the height of the original lightning protection device on the building, making it completely exposed to the range of direct lightning, and built-in The electric heating power line and the sensor signal line are directly connected to the room, and there are many metal components. In fact, the water heater has become a lightning receptor.

Once the building is struck by lightning, the water heater is often the object of "battered", and part of the lightning current will directly enter the user's room through the water heater's pipes, power lines and signal lines, thereby bringing about hidden safety hazards. Lightning protection measures will cause the water heaters and household appliances to burn down, and the explosion, fire or casualties will occur.

(1) A more reliable method is to install the water heater within the protection range of the lightning protection belt (needle).

(2) Lightning protection measures are taken for solar water heaters, and the specific design and construction should be completed by professionals.

(3) If the lightning rod cannot be installed, the water heater should be connected to the original lightning protection device on the roof. It is recommended that solar water heaters should not be used during thunderstorms.