How to tell if your surge protector has failed?

- Jun 19, 2020-

The surge protector put into use will be deteriorated and damaged with the service life. So how do you tell if your surge protector has failed?

First, the leakage current of the surge protector will exceed the standard

When we choose a surge protector, the leakage current will generally have a reasonable range, and if it exceeds this range, it indicates that the surge protector has a degraded state. According to the technical specifications for the detection of lightning protection devices, annual inspections are required for lightning protection devices. One of the important tests is the leakage detection of surge protectors. Use the surge protection device leakage detection equipment for testing, and compare the testing data of previous years. Qualification judgment: When measuring I1ma for the first time, the measured value of the leakage current of the surge protector should not exceed the nominal value of the manufacturer; when the number of valves cannot be determined, the measured value of the surge protector should not be greater than 20μA. In the subsequent measurement, the measured value of the leakage current of the single-chip MOV and the multi-chip MOV shall not be greater than 1 time of the first measured value. Otherwise, it is unqualified.

Second, check the appearance of the surge protector

The surge protector will be affected by the use environment, and mechanical damage, such as damage to the protective shell, will cause leakage or water ingress, and there will be hidden dangers of lightning protection. All surge protectors with damaged casing and blurred signs shall be replaced in time.

Third, the surge protector is damaged due to lightning strike

The surge protector of the protection line has been attacked by lightning current many times, and it will be burned out and fail. The failure indication of the burned surge protector is red, and it can be directly judged from the appearance whether it is invalid.

Fourth, the service life of the surge protector exceeds 5 years

In many cases, the operating environment of the surge protector is indoors, and it is less susceptible to lightning current and has a longer service life. However, the varistor and grouting material of the surge protector have a service life, generally not more than 5 years.

The failure of the surge protector will bring great hidden dangers in lightning protection. Therefore, all the surge protectors and other lightning protection devices should be tested in spring every year to understand their operating conditions and performance characteristics, and replace the failed surge protectors to ensure the safety of lightning protection.