Rescue measures after being struck by lightning

- Aug 26, 2019-

Lightning strikes can cause great damage to the human body. A powerful lightning current can cause paralysis and death of the heart or brain of a human or animal, and even burn the body. In addition, lightning current can also burn local skin tissue, appearing gray-white bumps and lines, called "electrical branding." A powerful thunder can also cause eardrum injuries. However, whenever and wherever a lightning accident occurs, as long as the scientific method is used to rescue the second and second, the death can be minimized.

First step, out of danger, is to quickly transfer lightning strikers to safe places where lightning can be avoided.

Second step is symptomatic treatment. It is necessary to promptly treat the disease according to the injury situation of the lightning striker, and call for help to the emergency center or hospital and other relevant departments, as follows:

  1. When the patient has not lost consciousness and is conscious, he was once unconscious, flustered, numbness in his limbs, and weak in his body. He should rest for 1-2 hours on the spot and observe closely

  2. When the patient has lost consciousness, but the breathing and heartbeat are normal, he should be lifted to a place with fresh air, unpack the clothes, wipe the whole body with a towel and cold water, make it feverish, and promptly ask the doctor to come to the hospital

  3. When the patient is unaware, convulsions, difficulty breathing, and gradually weakening, but the heart is still beating, mouth-to-mouth resuscitation can be used

  4. When the patient is unaware, cramps, the heart stops beating, only breathing, artificial chest compression can be used

  5. When the patient's breathing, pulse, and heart are stopped, both mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and artificial chest external cardiac compression should be used for first aid.