Surge protector

- May 01, 2019-

If the line of the protection device is shielded, the end of the shielded line should be selected for the installation of the surge protector.Installation options for surge protectors Traditionally, we generally install surge protectors at the interface of each lightning protection zone. The closer to the building entrance and the protected device, the better the protection. When installed at the protected equipment around the interface. When the surge protector is used, the line of the device should be able to withstand the surge voltage and current absolutely, and at the same time, the metal protective layer is equipotentially connected at the interface.

For outdoor-introduced lines, the installation of the surge protector should be performed near the end of the shielded line. At the same time, the lightning protection requirements of the protected area should be met, if the SPD and the protected equipment are far away. When the voltage of the surge protector and the induced voltage of the leads at both ends cannot protect the device, the surge protector should be installed at the protected device.