Surge protector has different flow capacity

- May 09, 2019-

The surge protector is suitable for the fine protection of the low-voltage power supply system. Various AC/DC power supply beds can be selected according to different specifications. The power surge protector is fine because the terminal device has a large distance from the pre-stage surge protector, so that the circuit is prone to oscillating overvoltage or other overvoltage. Fine power surge protection for terminal equipment, combined with the pre-stage surge protector, the protection effect is better.

The main material of the arrester is mostly zinc oxide (one of the metal oxide varistor), and the main material of the surge protector is based on the anti-surge level and grading protection.The SPD of the first level of protection shall be close to the total equipotential bonding terminal of the entrance line of the building, and the SPD of the second and third level protection shall be installed as close as possible to the protected equipment. The wire connected to the equipotential bonding of the surge protector should be as short and straight as possible.