Surge protector installation note

- Apr 24, 2019-

How serious is the hazard of the surge protector? For example, if the device's withstand capability is exceeded by the surge voltage, then the device will reduce the service life, the weight will be completely destroyed, or the equipment will be faulty due to the accumulation of damage to the surge protector for a long time. Frequent, which affects work efficiency. Under normal circumstances, the installation of SPD requires a professional to operate, or hire a company with the corresponding license to be responsible for the installation project. why? That's because SPD installation points are relatively complicated. Under the guidance of professionals, the safety factor will be increased.

When the first-stage protected SPD is installed, it should be close to the total equipotential bonding terminal of the building entrance line, and the SPD of the second and third-level protection should be installed as close as possible to the protected equipment. At the same time, the wires should be as short and straight as possible.