Surge protector line induction

- Apr 28, 2019-

Lines that have been protected or not protected within the grounding line cannot be placed in close parallel. When laying, there must be a certain interval between them, or shielding devices are used to isolate the circuits. To avoid unprotected lines from sensing the lightning surge voltage of the already protected line. The grounding wire of the surge protector should also be reliably connected to the system protective ground. The diameter of the connecting wire should not be less than the minimum cross-section requirement of the grounding wire.

Multi-strand copper stranded wire should be used as the grounding wire of the surge protector, and the single-strand copper core wire should not be used as the grounding wire. The former can make the lightning current release better. If a surge protector is installed in the distribution box, the grounding bar of the distribution box must have a copper wire larger than 16 mmz and a grounding system.