Surge protector market opportunity

- May 13, 2019-

Due to the favorable performance of upstream transformers, switches, circuit breakers and other equipment companies, the rapid expansion of the downstream insulator arrester industry has been driven, and the opportunity period of the surge protector industry in the domestic market has quietly arrived. According to reports, while the domestic market is fiercely competitive, surge protector manufacturers have turned their attention to foreign markets, such as the United Arab Emirates, Iran, Iraq and so on.

 When sold overseas, the state will give enterprises about 13% of export tax rebates, which also injects a booster into the expansion of overseas markets. Surge protector market opportunitySince 2004, the main business income of major enterprises in the surge protector industry in China has continued to grow rapidly, with an average annual growth rate of nearly 25%. With the improvement of the technical level of China's insulation products manufacturing industry and the acceleration of economic development in countries such as East Asia and South Asia, major domestic enterprises seized the opportunity and actively explored the international market. The export delivery value of the industry has increased year by year. Then, during the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, what is the situation of the lightning rod market?