Surge protector selection

- Apr 27, 2019-

Surge protectors installed in system equipment and locations prone to explosion hazards should have the function and function of explosion protection in addition to the above functions. The length of the line between the voltage type surge protector and the switch type surge protector should be greater than 10 meters, and the line length in the middle of the voltage limiting type surge protector should be more than 5 meters.

If the installed distance does not meet the requirements, it can be corrected with the retreating device. If the building with the surge protector does not have an information system and the building does not have lightning protection installed, the third type of lightning protection building can be used to prevent direct lightning strikes. If it is to be added, the shield should be used. Lightning protection net to prevent direct lightning strike.

All in all, the choice of surge protector should be carried out according to the actual conditions of the project. When installing the surge protector, we must pay attention to the above matters in the text to ensure the effectiveness and scientificity of the installation of the surge protector, so that the surge protection Maximize the role of protecting low-voltage electrical systems and building safety.