A House In Shandong Was Struck By Lightning

- Jul 07, 2020-

Lightning protection of residential houses is equally important. However, many residential houses, especially in rural areas, do not have lightning protection devices, surge protectors and other related lightning protection devices installed. Therefore, it is easy to be the object of lightning strike. On the afternoon of July 3, a house in Renli Town, Qihe County, Shandong Province was struck by lightning.

According to online news media reports, Qihe lightning flashed in the afternoon on July 3. A local enthusiast, Mr. Zhang, uploaded a surveillance video online. Surveillance showed that at three o'clock in the afternoon, the sky was raining and suddenly a village house was struck by lightning. Immediately afterwards, there were bricks falling down, and a chicken on the ground was scared and scrambled!

At present, my country has entered the thunderstorm season. Over the past few days, the southern part of the country encountered heavy rain, accompanied by lightning and thunder. At this time, the awareness of lightning protection safety should be improved, and all buildings (structures) should take safe and effective lightning protection measures, and regularly carry out safety inspections. Rural buildings are no exception and must focus on:

First, direct lightning protection measures

Important places in the countryside, power supply systems, and high-rise residential buildings should take direct lightning protection measures, including air-termination devices, down-conductors, and grounding devices, in accordance with the relevant requirements of the “Code for Design of Lightning Protection of Buildings” GB50057-2010.

The second is the protective measures against induction lightning

The power supply system in rural areas mainly includes substations, transmission lines, and public weak current equipment systems. Comprehensive induction lightning protection measures should be adopted. Appropriate lightning arresters, surge protectors, etc. should be installed to encourage residents to prevent weak current equipment in their homes. Lightning protection reduces the hidden danger of lightning strikes.

Rural lightning protection is a long-term and systematic work that needs to be gradually deepened and comprehensively carried out to achieve the goals of safety prevention and comprehensive governance.