Analysis Of Market Competitiveness Of Surge Protectors

- May 14, 2019-

Some experts believe that as a node of the integrated surge protector, the value of SPD accounts for about 30% of the overall output value of the integrated surge protector. SPD is usually protected by multiple levels and is used in large quantities. It is the main product of most surge protector manufacturers. Therefore, the production and sales of SPD can be used to analyze the condition of the surge protector market. In the past two years, the overall market growth rate of SPD has significantly accelerated, and the growth rate of the surge protector market is relatively stable.

Although after ten years of rapid growth, China's surge protector industry has emerged a number of brands that are more influential in SPD, such as Lei An, Zhongguang, Shield, Lei Xun, Hai Pengxin, and Wanli, but in China. In the surge protector industry, the “strong brand that can make a name for the wind” with a comprehensive strength is rare. Due to the significant improvement in the technical level of surge protectors in recent years, the product technology gap between domestic enterprises and foreign brands has been shrinking, coupled with the intensification of price competition and the increase in domestic new SPD industry enterprises, the future SPD market The share will be more dispersed, and it will be more common to provide support for system integration manufacturers and multiple supply of surge protector projects.