And Jing: Joint Law Enforcement To Strengthen Mine Protection Supervision, Improve Risk Management And Control Level

- Nov 23, 2019-

Source: China Meteorological News Agency  Editor: Yan Xin

Recently, the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and the Jing County Meteorological Bureau and the County Safety Supervision Bureau and other units have carried out lightning protection law enforcement inspections on 41 enterprises in the jurisdiction, and supervised “full coverage”.

The inspection team focused on 9 gas stations, 8 photovoltaic power stations, and 3 iron ore mines. The inspections involved whether the lightning protection facilities were perfect, whether the lightning protection facilities were regularly tested by the lightning protection qualification authorities, and whether lightning safety production was established. The management system, whether to handle the climate feasibility demonstration, etc., put forward corresponding rectification suggestions for the discovered problems and hidden dangers, urged relevant enterprises to rectify within a time limit, and carried out safety knowledge publicity on the spot.

The joint law enforcement inspection of lightning protection safety production has effectively fulfilled the lightning protection safety supervision function of the meteorological department, enhanced the awareness of safety responsibility of high-risk industries, and helped to further improve the risk management and control level of safety production and operation units.