China Gains Rights To Formulate International Standards For Intelligent Dynamic Lightning Protection

- Dec 24, 2019-

In recent years, with global climate change, lightning disasters have become increasingly difficult to prevent and control, which is also a worldwide problem. The reporter learned from the State Grid Jiangsu Power Company on the 23rd that the state-owned power company Jiangsu Power and Suzhou Power Supply undertook independent research and development of intelligent and dynamic lightning protection scientific and technological achievements, which have been demonstrated by more than 39 member countries of the International Large Grid Conference (CIGRE) And set up a project, formally undertake "dynamic lightning protection" international standard formulation, and will be promoted and applied worldwide. This is the first time that China has undertaken the formulation of international standards in this field, marking the pilot application of lightning protection technology for power grids to reach an internationally advanced level.

According to the introduction of the Vice Chairman of the Academic Committee of the International Large Power Grid Lightning Conference and the full-time Tong Chong of the Ministry of Science and Technology and Internet of the State Grid Suzhou Power Supply Company, traditional static lightning protection is mainly through the installation of lightning rods, lightning arresters and lightning conductors. "Earth," bypassing "grid equipment. The smart grid dynamic lightning protection technology independently researched and developed by our country's scientific research team can predict the occurrence of lightning and adjust the operating structure of the grid in real time. It can actively bypass the lightning strike area and the lightning bypass equipment to turn the equipment "Turn on" lightning, adapt to future climate change, and realize the transformation of lightning protection from the traditional "static passive mode" to "smart dynamic mode", effectively improving the real-time security prevention and control level of the power grid in extreme disaster weather.

At the same time, this technology can also realize multi-region, multi-range real-time lightning detection and early warning, distributed multi-target dynamic protection, intelligent analysis to assist decision-making, and integrate lightning detection, lightning warning, intelligent prediction, and cluster control system into one, which can protect the core area. 200 square kilometers, accurately monitoring the central area of 1,000 square kilometers, can also be extended to achieve real-time early warning, dispatch control, and dynamic protection in a wide area of more than 10,000 square kilometers, providing new ideas and solutions for power grid lightning protection.

It is understood that CIGRE is one of the three major international standards organizations in the power system, and its subordinate international large grid working groups, reports and technical specifications are an important part of the international standard system of the power industry. In July 2019, the State Grid Corporation of China and the CIGRE China National Committee formally submitted the "Smart Grid Dynamic Lightning Protection" standard working group application to the International Large Grid Conference Organization, and passed the on-site defense of the special committee. Due to China's sufficient preliminary work and high international recognition, this project application received the full support of more than 39 member countries, and finally obtained the right to formulate international standards for intelligent dynamic lightning protection.