G20-B+C Series Power Surge Protector

- Jul 26, 2019-

G20-B+C series power surge protectors are designed according to IEC and GB standards. The products with a strong surge discharge capacity, discharge current of each 20~60kA(8/20μs), 7~12.5kA(10/350μs) levels of protection for low voltage distribution system, according to the different distribution system (TT/TN/IT) can choose a variety of combinations.

Product features:

  1. High energy surge protection 

  2. Remote alarm interface

  3. Failure detection indicator

  4. Standard modular installation

  5. The built-in flash interrupter device

  6. Pluggable replacement module

  7. The maximum discharge current of single module is 20~80kA(8/20μs) 

  8. Reaction rate: 10-9sec