G20120MT Series Secondary High Current Power Surge Protector

- Jul 22, 2019-

G20120MT series series secondary high current power surge protectors are designed according to IEC and GB standards, is applied to the primary power surge protection products of the power supply system. The module is a standard 35mm rail mounting. It has a high surge current discharge capability and a maximum discharge current of up to 160kA (8/20μs). It is used for the first-stage electrophoresis protection of power supply systems in areas with high risk of lightning strikes.

No freewheeling problem, low leakage current. The product is easy to install. It can be used for single-phase/three-phase power supply lines with different combinations.

Product features:

  1. High energy surge protection 

  2. Remote alarm interface

  3. Failure detection indicator

  4. Standard modular installatio

  5. Built-in instant overcurrent breaking device

  6. Built-in thermal circuit breaker

  7. The maximum discharge current of single module is 120~160kA(8/20μs) 

  8. Reaction rate: 10-9sec

  9. Integrated design