G20POE Power/network Integrated Surge Protector

- Aug 17, 2019-

G20POE is suitable for lightning protections for over five types of Ethernet cable powered network devices, for the interface is installed between the lightning protection area of LPZ1-LPZ3, with two levels of protection function, ensure that the damage of over voltage and over current network equipment from lightning, industrial interference caused by lightning protection, wireless bridge, network cameras and other network equipment widely used in the power supply of the Ethernet cable.

Product features:

  1. Aluminum alloy shell, easy installation and replacement

  2. Built-in temperature control breaking technology and multiple protection technology

  3. Strong protection ability and high reliability

  4. The green light indicates that the lightning protection function of the power supply is normal

  5. Extinguishing means failure, clear and easy to recognize

  6. With a variety of protection functions: power and network signals

  7. The 48V DC power interface can be installed according to the user's needs