GSCB Series Surge Protection Backup Protection Device

- Aug 26, 2019-

According to the GB18802.1, GB50057 and Q/THQB001-2013 standards, the front-end of the SPD circuit must be connected in series with the overcurrent protection appliance required by the surge protector manufacturer. Due to the current fuse and micro circuit breaker cannot coordinate with the SPD, when the power failure or SPD degradation failure, resulting in fire, equipment damage caused by lightning accident seriously affected the normal operation and production!

At present, a large number of micro circuit breakers used in conjunction with SPD cannot be matched with the following 4 points:

  1. Lightning current is extremely easy to damage - lightning protection failure

  2. Lightning impact current residual pressure - equipment lightning protection reliability reduction

  3. Power frequency continuous flow without tripping -  abnormal power SPD fire

  4. Lightning impulse tripping - failure of lightning protection

Product features:

  1. The parameter control mechanism is controlled, and the current can divide the selectivity

  2. The impact current remains low and is comparable to the fuse

  3. High-energy contact, long service life

  4. Micro fracture appearance, small size, convenient power failure for the detection of SPD

  5. The specification is fully satisfied with the matching of the SPD at T1, T2 and T3

  6. SPD power frequency trip release value 3A±1A