Guantao: Carrying Out Special Safety Inspections For Wind Power Generation Projects Against Lightning

- Jan 04, 2021-

Source: China Meteorological News Agency Editor: Yan Xin

From December 16th to 17th, the Guantao County Meteorological Bureau of Hebei Province conducted a safety inspection of lightning protection devices for 23 wind turbines of Huiheng Wind Power Co., Ltd. Yongjihe Wind Farm.

The staff focused on inspections of the company’s regular inspections of lightning protection devices, the establishment of lightning protection safety emergency plans and systems, and the daily inspection and maintenance of lightning protection devices, and carried out lightning protection safety laws and regulations and disaster prevention and mitigation knowledge propaganda to the person in charge of enterprise safety. Enterprises further strengthen the implementation of the main responsibility of lightning protection safety, and pay attention to the daily maintenance of lightning protection devices and the elimination of hidden dangers.