Haidian District Of Beijing: Strengthen The Law Enforcement Inspection Of Lightning Protection Safety In Scenic Spots

- Aug 18, 2020-

Source: China Meteorological News Agency Editor: Zhang Linhao

On the morning of August 14, Beijing Haidian District Meteorological Bureau and bureau of culture and tourism carried out lightning protection safety law enforcement inspection on Baiwangshan, Yuanmingyuan and other key scenic spots.

The law enforcement personnel emphasized the importance of lightning protection to the safety director of the scenic spot, consulted the annual inspection of lightning protection devices in the scenic spot, and ordered rectification within a time limit for the unqualified items in the test report. And signed with the scenic spot lightning protection and disaster reduction safety responsibility letter, urged it to fully implement the main responsibility of lightning protection safety. In addition, law enforcement personnel have issued regulations and norms for the scenic spots, such as the regulations on the prevention of meteorological disasters in Beijing, the administrative measures for lightning protection and disaster reduction, the administrative measures for the release and dissemination of meteorological forecast, and the meteorological safety guarantee standards for key units of meteorological disaster prevention, to remind the relevant personnel of the scenic spots to study and strictly implement them, and further strengthen the work of lightning protection and disaster reduction.