How Should We Prevent Lightning During The Thunderstorm-prone Season?

- Jun 01, 2020-

Summer is the season with frequent thunderstorms. In thunderstorm weather, how should people scientifically prevent lightning and lightning to protect their lives?

Outdoor lightning protection measures

When lightning strikes, we should try not to go outdoors. Most accidents caused by lightning strikes happen outdoors. Therefore, when there are dark clouds and the storm is coming, everyone should hide inside as soon as possible. If you can't avoid it, when you encounter thunderstorm weather outdoors, remind everyone to take the following protective measures.

  1. Squat down in a low-lying place, feet together, hands on knees.

  2. Stay away from trees, chimneys, and power lines.

  3. Do not use mobile phones.

  4. In open spaces, do not carry metal tools such as hoes on your shoulders.

  5. Leave the water as soon as possible and don't swim.

  6. It is not advisable to drive a motorcycle in a thunder and lightning weather.

Indoor lightning protection measures

When lightning strikes, it is safer to hide indoors, but this is only relative to outdoor. In addition to being hit by spherical lightning indoors, lightning electromagnetic pulses will also enter the room through channels such as power lines, signal lines, and wireless antenna feed lines introduced into the room. Therefore, if you do not pay attention to taking measures indoors, you may also be struck by lightning. The following introduces several indoor measures to prevent lightning disasters.

  1. Close the doors and windows.

  2. Do not rely on metal pipes and do not touch any metal pipes in the room.

  3. Unplug all power plugs.

  4. Do not use solar water heaters for bathing.