Jiangshan City Promotes Emergency Disaster Reduction And Lightning Protection Management

- Sep 09, 2019-

Source: Jiangshan News Network      Author: Hua Xiaoping

Recently, the Jiangshan Municipal Emergency Management Bureau and the Municipal Meteorological Bureau signed a framework agreement on strengthening cooperation in meteorological disaster prevention and reduction.

It is understood that the two sides will use the early warning signals of meteorological disasters as the guide to realize data sharing and information services, focus on promoting the joint construction of professional talents, strengthen the construction of "multiple members in one" for emergency management personnel and meteorological information personnel, and jointly carry out training for relevant personnel. Improve emergency response capabilities and jointly build grassroots emergency disaster prevention teams. At the same time, special actions for lightning protection safety will be carried out, multi-sector joint law enforcement inspections will be strengthened, joint supervision and inspection of lightning protection safety units, lightning disaster monitoring and early warning and lightning disaster investigation work will be carried out to resolutely prevent and contain major accidents.

"We will adhere to the actual war-oriented, strengthen emergency drills, give full play to the role of grassroots emergency disaster prevention teams, improve the effective application of meteorological information, and ensure that grassroots disaster prevention personnel 'receive, understand, and use well' Prison 'the first line of defense for disaster prevention and mitigation'." The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Meteorological Bureau told the reporter.