Lanxi Meteorological Bureau Achieved Full Coverage Of Localized Inspections Of Key Units For Lightning Protection Safety

- Dec 07, 2020-

Recently, in order to further consolidate the territorial responsibility for meteorological disaster prevention in towns (streets) and strengthen law enforcement, the Lanxi Meteorological Bureau has urged 17 townships and streets (including development zones) in the city to conduct territorial inspections on key lightning protection units within its jurisdiction. 83 companies in the city The key units for lightning protection safety have achieved full coverage of localized inspections.

Since the beginning of this year, Lanxi Bureau has continued to promote the comprehensive management of lightning protection and safety in flammable and explosive hazardous chemicals sites. On the basis of including meteorological disaster prevention into the township (street) "three-determined plan" and the assessment of the local safety production target management responsibility system, The Municipal Emergency Management Bureau successively issued the "Notice on Jointly Carrying Out the Work Supervision and Inspection of Key Units for Meteorological Disaster Prevention", and promoted the Municipal Work Safety Commission Office to issue the "Notice on Strengthening the Work Supervision and Inspection of Key Meteorological Disaster Prevention Units", which will prevent meteorological disasters. (Lightning protection safety) The supervision and inspection of key units are included in the work content of the township (street) physical examination station, and a connection with the specific person in charge of the city’s 17 towns and streets’ meteorological disaster prevention (lightning safety) work is established to ensure the township (street) safety production manager Fully play its role.

In the next step, Lanxi Bureau will continue to implement the spirit of the "Notice on Further Doing a Good Job in Lightning Protection" (Qifahan [2020] No. 50), consolidate the responsibility for lightning protection safety supervision, and further consolidate the effectiveness of localized management of townships.