Liaoning: Carrying Out An Annual Assessment Of The Detection Quality Of Lightning Protection Devices

- Dec 27, 2019-

Source: China Meteorological News Agency  Editor: Yan Xin

Recently, the Liaoning Provincial Meteorological Bureau organized an annual assessment of the detection quality of 114 lightning protection device certification units in the province.

The annual assessment is mainly carried out from two aspects: inspection of lightning protection device inspection data and project verification. Of the 114 units inspected, 30 did not carry out lightning protection device testing business, 1 unit did not conduct lightning protection device testing business in the province, and 2 units did not cooperate in conducting the lightning protection device testing quality assessment work. . Among the 81 units inspected, the pass rate was about 98%.

For units that did not cooperate with this assessment, the Liaoning Meteorological Bureau has dealt with them according to relevant regulations. In response to the existing problems in the assessment, the Liaoning Provincial Meteorological Bureau required relevant units to formulate a thorough rectification and complete the rectification within the prescribed time.

At the same time, the Liaoning Provincial Meteorological Bureau also requires the lightning protection safety supervision departments at all levels of the province to do a good job in training and testing of lightning protection device testing units on lightning protection technical specifications, laws and regulations, strengthen the evaluation of the ability of lightning protection device testing technicians, and Lightning equipment testing unit qualification application assessment, improve the quality of lightning protection equipment testing.