Luo Ding: Investigating The Service Needs Of Peanut Planting Bases And Publicizing Knowledge On Lightning Protection

- Mar 22, 2021-

Source: China Meteorological News Agency Editor: Yan Xin

On March 17, service personnel from the Meteorological Bureau of Luoding City, Guangdong Province went to the peanut planting base in Liangmei Village, Fucheng to conduct service demand surveys.

The service staff checked the growth of peanuts, learned about the peanut planting conditions and problems encountered by farmers, and investigated the service needs; reminded farmers to pay attention to weather changes in time, and guided the peanut field management work. At the same time, service personnel provide farmers with scientific knowledge of disaster prevention and lightning protection safety, and guide the attention to the "Luoding Weather" WeChat public account, so as to receive timely weather and warning information to help peanut harvest and high yield.