Luxi: Jointly With Wenguang New Tourism Bureau To Carry Out A Lightning Protection Safety Inspection For Scenic Spots

- Oct 05, 2020-

Source: China Meteorological News Agency Editor: Zhao Ning

The National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching. On September 28, the Luxi County Meteorological Bureau of Pingxiang City, Jiangxi Province, in conjunction with the County Wenguang New Tourism Bureau, carried out a special law enforcement inspection on lightning protection safety at the national 4A-level scenic spot Xianfeng Sanbao Agricultural Leisure Sightseeing Park in the county jurisdiction .

The joint inspection focused on four aspects: lightning protection safety management, lightning protection device installation and operation, lightning protection hidden hazard investigation and rectification, lightning protection safety file management specifications and completeness, through listening to reports, consulting files, and on-site detection of lightning protection devices. Expand inspection. At the same time, the staff of the Meteorological Bureau publicized the knowledge of lightning protection safety to the personnel in the tourist attractions and sent popular science publicity materials.