Principle And Application Of Surge Protector In The System

- May 30, 2019-

The damage caused by lightning and other strong interference to the communication system and the consequent consequences are serious, and lightning protection will become necessary. Lightning consists of high-energy low-frequency components and highly permeable high-frequency components. It mainly adopts two forms, one is to directly conduct lightning-induced damage equipment through metal pipelines or ground lines; the other is lightning electromagnetic pulse of lightning passage and discharge passage to sense metal pipeline or ground wire to generate electricity by various coupling methods. 

The surge protector damages the device. Most of the damage is caused by this induction. For electronic information equipment, the hazard mainly comes from the coupling energy of the lightning electromagnetic pulse caused by lightning, and the transient surge protector generated by the following three channels. Metal pipeline channels, such as water surges generated by water pipes, power lines, antenna feeders, signal lines, aviation obstacle light leads, etc.; ground channels, ground power counterattacks; space channels, electromagnetic energy of electromagnetic groups.

Among them, the surge protector of the metal pipeline channel and the ground potential counterattack of the ground channel are the main causes of the damage of the electronic information system. The most obvious form of damage is the lightning loss caused on the power line, so it needs to be used as anti-expansion. Focus. Lightning protection will be a systematic project due to the intrusion of lightning into the electronic information system. The central content of lightning protection is venting and balancing.