Quick Repair Method For Surge Protector

- May 31, 2019-

We all know that when a product fails during operation, the staff should repair it as quickly as possible. Then the video surge protector is the same. When the fault occurs, the surge protector should respond quickly and troubleshoot, so as to ensure that the video network is in a stable operating state. Below, Xiaobian for everyone to briefly introduce the video surge protector quick maintenance method:

1. Use the resistance file of the multimeter to detect the resistance between the input and output of the video surge protector. The normal value should be within 3 ohms.

2. Use a multimeter to detect the video surge protector line - whether there is a short circuit between the lines.

3. Detect the turn-on voltage between each line and ground with a surge protector component tester.

The surge protector output line is close to the input line and the ground line, and is laid side by side. This situation has a serious impact on the series-type surge protector. When the output line of the serial-connected power surge protector is placed close to the input line and the ground line, a transient surge is induced in the output line. Although its intensity is smaller than the original, it may still be dangerous. The solution to this problem is to lay the input line, ground line and output line separately or vertically, to minimize the length of the parallel laying and to open the laying distance.

The surge protector ground wire is not connected to the protected ground of the protected equipment, that is, a separate lightning protection grounding is adopted. This will cause dangerous voltages between the protected line and the equipment protection ground during transients. The solution to this problem is that the grounding of the surge protector should be connected to the equipment protection ground.