Shaanxi: Completed The Quality Assessment Of The Lightning Protection Equipment Testing Units In The Province

- Dec 20, 2019-

Source: China Meteorological News Agency  Editor: Luan Fei

Recently, the Shaanxi Provincial Meteorological Bureau has performed quality assessments on 35 lightning protection device detection units in the province.

A total of 242 testing items were spot-checked in this assessment, of which 220 items passed the testing quality assessment with a passing rate of 90.91%.

In response to the problems found in the assessment, the Provincial Meteorological Bureau required the lightning protection safety supervision agencies at all levels to supervise the inspection of lightning detection units to complete the rectification and implementation on schedule, check the existing problems against the summary table of quality assessment, and give top priority to improving the quality management of testing. The Provincial Meteorological Bureau requires all lightning protection equipment testing units to establish and improve the internal management system of the enterprise, strengthen the lightning protection testing technicians to learn the lightning protection technical standards and specifications, and engage in testing activities to strictly implement the requirements of laws, regulations and technical specifications to ensure detection quality.