Shaanxi: Deepening The Reform Of Lightning Protection System Strengthening The Supervision Of Lightning Protection

- Sep 02, 2019-

Source: China Meteorological News Agency

Recently, the Shaanxi Provincial Meteorological Bureau further deepened the reform of the lightning protection system, fully implemented the lightning safety supervision responsibility, strengthened the lightning safety supervision work, prevented the major risks from being resolved, and minimized or avoided the occurrence of lightning disasters.

With the goal of “more strict supervision, better service, and more stable”, Shaanxi Meteorological Bureau actively explores and takes the initiative to strengthen supervision according to law and earnestly perform its duties. The Office of Lightning Safety Supervision and Management (Regulatory Office) was established to clarify the responsibility for lightning protection safety at all levels; the “Measures for Supervision and Administration of Lightning Protection Units in Shaanxi Province” was issued, and the inspection quality was standardized to improve the quality of inspection and ensure lightning safety; Formulated the internal management regulations of the Lightning Safety Supervision Office, issued the Code of Conduct for Lightning Protection and Supervision, and established a provincial, municipal, and county level supervision team; sorted out the supervision list of key units for lightning protection and strengthened the qualifications of qualified units. Supervise the management and inspection of post-event management, enrich the lightning protection safety supervision method, carry out “double random and open” supervision, and realize the transformation from traditional supervision to “Internet + supervision”.

At the same time, Shaanxi Meteorological Bureau also carried out a comprehensive verification of Shaanxi lightning protection testing enterprises, and publicized the information of the testing unit on the official website and accepted social supervision.