Shandong: Trial Operation Of Lightning Protection Management System

- Nov 26, 2019-

Source: China Meteorological News Agency  Editor: Wang Jingtao

Recently, the “Shandong Province Lightning Protection and Disaster Management Service System” (Phase 1), which was organized and developed by the Shandong Meteorological Bureau, officially passed the performance inspection and acceptance and has recently been put into trial operation of the lightning protection supervision business. This platform will seamlessly connect with the national comprehensive management platform for lightning protection and disaster reduction, reduce the business volume of front-line staff of lightning protection supervision, increase the informationization level of lightning protection safety supervision in the province, and effectively strengthen the standardization and uniformity of lightning protection safety supervision.

"Shandong Province Lightning Protection and Disaster Management Service System" is based on the GIS geographic information system and uses layer overlay technology to fuse daily management information of lightning protection and geographic information, and displays the geographical location, basic information and Safety supervision data, realize the visualization of the supervision object information. When inspectors conduct on-site law enforcement inspections, they can use the “Shandong Province Lightning Disaster Management Service System” mobile terminal to quickly implement tasks, spot checks, and report problems and archives and archives, which greatly enhances the standardization of inspection, The inspection efficiency has been improved, and there has been no omissions in supervision and no dead ends in law enforcement.

In addition, the system can send service reminders to the regulatory body regularly every year, remind and urge the supervision object to fulfill the responsibility of the main body of safety production in accordance with the law, and conduct lightning protection safety inspection and education and training on time. If there is a hidden danger of lightning protection in the investigated enterprise, the system will establish a working list of potential safety hazards according to the hidden danger inspection standards, and urge the enterprise to check the hidden dangers and implement rectification against the list. Inspectors can monitor the dynamics of the company's lightning protection safety management in real time and track the rectification of major hidden dangers.