Shanghai: Lightning Protection Safety Supervision In Free Trade Zone Enters Intelligent Age

- Oct 21, 2019-

Source: China Meteorological News Agency  Editor: Zhang Lin

Recently, the Shanghai Free Trade Zone lightning protection safety supervision platform has been put into trial operation, which can realize the full process intelligent supervision of automatic detection of lightning protection safety, automatic dispatch, accurate disposal and tracking feedback, which will further improve the efficiency of supervision. Using the technologies of Internet of Things and image recognition, the Shanghai Free Trade Zone lightning protection safety supervision platform conducts 24-hour online real-time monitoring of surge protectors for inflammable and explosive hazardous chemicals enterprises, and intelligently identifies lightning protection safety test reports. The comparison has realized the dynamic supervision of lightning protection.

The platform establishes the main body lightning protection safety risk index system. Through big data comparison, the company will conduct real-time risk assessment on the enterprise, dynamically adjust the risk level, and realize the lightning protection safety risk supervision. Combined with the comprehensive credit evaluation of enterprises and the lightning protection safety credit of enterprise entities, the platform will comprehensively determine the credit rating of enterprises and adopt differentiated regulatory measures to achieve mine safety and credit supervision. According to the lightning protection safety risk level and credit rating of the enterprise, it will implement more targeted classification and supervision according to the principle of “scientific classification, rational allocation, and precise policy”, form a data loop and a closed loop of supervision, and carry out mine safety classification supervision. Waiting for work.