Shenzhen: Conducting Lightning Protection And Emergency Rescue Skills Training

- Nov 04, 2019-

Source: China Meteorological News Agency  Editor: Wang Jingtao

From October 29th to 30th, the 2019 Thunder Disaster Prevention and Emergency Rescue Skills Training Course hosted by Shenzhen Meteorological Bureau and held by Shenzhen Lightning Protection Association was held in Shenzhen Safety Education Base. 368 safety production managers from petrochemical, education, communications, urban management, tourist attractions, transportation and other fields have jointly learned the experience of lightning disaster prevention and emergency rescue skills.

In recent years, with the rapid development of technologies such as electronic information technology and Internet of Things, the demand for lightning disaster prevention in society has become higher and higher. This training focused on the hidden dangers, emergency rescue theory and emergency skills of the Municipal Meteorological Administration during the lightning protection safety management law enforcement process.

In the practical experience session, the professional safety management instructor led the students to visit the Electrical Safety Knowledge Experience Center and the Fire Safety Knowledge Experience Center. Through the experience of electric shock, fire fighting, wearing fire masks, emergency escape games, etc., students can intuitively feel and Master the skills to learn to protect themselves in the work and family environment; come to the first-aid experience hall, the students learned the free-handed cardiopulmonary resuscitation method using the practical model under the guidance of professional instructors.

This activity is the first professional training organized by the meteorological department to combine disaster prevention, mitigation and disaster relief. Through a combination of theory, practice and experience, it provides students with a rare opportunity to learn from self-help and mutual help. Good communication on meteorological disaster prevention, mitigation and disaster relief skills in various fields, so that all safety management personnel can respond more calmly to meteorological disasters such as typhoon, heavy rain, and lightning, and lay the foundation for safeguarding the lives and property of themselves and those around them. Improve the ability of meteorological disaster prevention, mitigation and relief, and enhance awareness.