Surge Loss And Recovery Of Surge Protectors

- May 16, 2019-

The surge protector will occupy a very important and irreplaceable UHV transmission in China, and it can fully compete with porcelain insulators and show its superiority. It has become a new generation of high-voltage transmission lines with its unique advantages such as small size, light weight, high strength, heavy pollution resistance and convenient cleaning and maintenance. The UHV surge protector weighs only 10% of the porcelain insulator string, or even lighter, significantly reducing the burden on the tower, and can be used as a spacer to greatly compress the corridor. 

The surge protector has excellent anti-fouling performance, which can shorten the length of the insulator string and reduce the size of the tower. It basically eliminates the huge workload of dirty cleaning and zero value detection, and makes the line maintenance simpler and reliable.

The damage of the surge protector is most prominent in the "brittle break" of the mandrel. The so-called "brittle break" refers to the breakage of the acid liquid generated by the discharge in the humid atmosphere after being immersed in the mandrel glass fiber. Therefore, the acid corrosion resistance of the mandrel should be improved. In addition, the loss and recovery of the surge protector's hydrophobicity is yet to be further studied. Capacitive composite dry wall bushing is a new type of capacitive wall bushing. Its main insulation is made of new insulating material, and the outer insulation is made of high-performance vulcanized silicone rubber. It has excellent oil resistance and explosion-proof performance, and also meets electric power. The development trend of oil-free and miniaturized departments is a new generation of high-pressure products that meet the requirements for urban and rural power grid transformation.