Surge Protector Business Operation

- Jun 02, 2019-

The national comprehensive meteorological information sharing platform (surge protector) was officially put into operation in 25 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government) in Beijing. So far, together with the first meteorological business units that have officially operated the surge protector and the surge protectors of the six provinces (municipalities), the system has been fully operationalized nationwide. This marks the first time that the department has a data environment with unified national standards and standards, and the first step in the “two-step” strategy of meteorological informationization continues to move forward.

Up to now, as the core basic data support platform for surge protector business, service and management, the surge protector provides online storage services including 14 types of 147 kinds of real-time and historical data, which can shorten the data storage time by 20%. Data access efficiency is increased by 2 to 5 times.The surge protector forecast indicates that the intensive, standard, and national and unified data environment ensures real-time online and standardized services for meteorological business research data, greatly improving data access efficiency, helping to break the “data island” and realizing meteorological data resources. Intensive management ensures data authority consistency.

As of the end of November, China's self-developed Meteorological Information Processing System (MICAPS) 4.0, Climate Information Processing and Analysis System (CIPAS) 2.0, National Fine Weather Meteorological Forecast, China Meteorological Data Network and other core business systems and 31 provinces (autonomous regions) About 188 business application systems have been directly connected to the surge protector.

In the first batch of provinces that have realized operational operation, the benefits of surge protector construction have begun to show. The surge protector relies on the operation of the surge protector to sort out and optimize the provincial data environment. The data interface has more than 10 million daily visits, the data daily traffic reaches 500G, and the geographic information and cross-department data service capabilities are obtained. The promotion has effectively supported the operation of business systems such as provincial, city and county integration platforms and emergency warning and decision support platforms.