Surge Protector Protection

- May 19, 2019-

The theoretical premise cannot be forgotten that the basic principle of security system security design is "single point grounding".

First of all, we need to clarify a critical issue monitoring system lightning protection and regional lightning protection lightning rods and lightning protection system lightning protection system, what should be the relationship? Are they independent or identical in nature, or are they dependent?

The monitoring system, which belongs to the weak current system, should be placed under the effective protection of the “lightning protection system for lightning protection of lightning protection in the area” (hereinafter referred to as “surge protector”). Thunderstorm days, should "people" also have a "lightning rod" and a lightning arrester "connected to the earth" for venting "lightning current"? This is called lightning to find death. The essence of "regional lightning protection" is also "leading lightning", which is to soften the cloud layer charge in advance and avoid the formation of lightning strikes. Therefore, reliable "area lightning protection" is the basis for the safe operation of the monitoring system and a large "protective umbrella" for the safe operation of the weak current system.

Secondly, the monitoring system only needs to consider the protection lightning impulse, and the transmission equipment should have such "anti-surge protector protection measures" and anti-ground loop protection measures.