Tang County: Jointly Carry Out Lightning Protection Safety Inspection With Education Emergency Department

- Jun 29, 2020-

Source: China Meteorological News Agency Editor: Su jesi

On July 1st, the Admissions Office of Tang County Education Bureau of Baoding City, Hebei Province, and the County Emergency Management Bureau and the County Meteorological Bureau respectively conducted special inspections on lightning protection safety for Tangxian No. 1 Middle School and flammable and explosive enterprises in the jurisdiction of the college entrance examination.

The inspection team focused on the inspection of the school's teaching building, power distribution room, monitoring room and other places and the lightning protection facilities in the enterprise unit. At the same time, the implementation of the responsibility of the lightning protection safety production body, the installation and maintenance of lightning protection devices and the detection of lightning protection facilities Other aspects were investigated. At the same time, the inspection team popularized the knowledge of lightning disaster prevention science to the school staff and the person in charge of the enterprise, and further increased the importance of schools and enterprises on lightning protection.