Thunderstorm Weather In Jiujiang Recently, The Personnel On Duty In All Flood Prevention Embankments Pay Attention To Lightning Protection

- Jul 14, 2020-

At present, the water level of the Yangtze River and Poyang Lake has exceeded the warning level, and the flood control situation in various regions is extremely severe. Jiujiang City has launched the first level emergency response for flood control. All rivers, lakes and other dams have set up patrol duty points and arranged duty staff. Recently, Jiujiang City will be on the edge of the subtropical high pressure, and there will be many thunderstorms. Since the duty points of the flood control embankments are mostly located in high terrain and open areas, there is a hidden danger of being struck by lightning. In order to effectively do the lightning protection work of the flood prevention duty patrolling and inspection personnel and places, Jiujiang City issued the "Notice on Doing the Lightning Safety Work of Patrol Guards and Locations", requiring all regions to carry out the lightning protection safety of the patrol duty places Check and improve the construction of lightning protection facilities for patrolling duty sites, and carry out lightning protection knowledge promotion for patrol guards.

All localities should attach great importance to the flood protection duty patrol inspection personnel and the lightning protection safety of the site, immediately conduct a survey on the lightning protection facilities of the patrol duty site, carefully search for the potential safety hazards of lightning protection, and follow up and promptly rectify and rectify in place. During the period of patrolling the embankment, lightning protection safety inspections shall be carried out irregularly at the patrolling duty site to ensure the lightning protection safety of the patrolling staff and the venue.

All localities should attach great importance to lightning protection and safety work in patrolling duty sites. The patrol duty site where the lightning protection device has been installed should strengthen the regular inspection work of the lightning protection device to ensure the normal operation of the lightning protection facilities of the patrol duty site. For fixed patrol duty sites and temporary built mobile duty sites without lightning protection devices installed, lightning protection facilities shall be installed in accordance with the issued schematic diagrams to ensure the safety of duty personnel. Lightning protection belts shall be installed in the fixed patrol duty sites, and lightning protection rods shall be installed in the surrounding protection areas in accordance with the requirements. The meteorological departments of various places shall carry out free testing and lightning protection technical service work on the lightning protection facilities of patrolling duty sites to ensure that the lightning protection facilities are well established and meet the lightning protection safety regulations.

All localities should fully carry out the activity of “Lightning Protection Knowledge Entering the Patrol Duty Site”, and issue lightning protection safety guidelines to the patrolling staff, so that each patrolling staff can master self-prevention knowledge. After receiving the lightning warning information from the meteorological department, the flood prevention departments of all regions must transmit it as soon as possible to ensure that the information transmission channel is unobstructed, and that all information should be known and effective in prevention.