Tianjin Air Traffic Management Bureau Completes Winter Lightning Protection Detection On Site

- Dec 06, 2019-

Recently, the Technical Support Department of Tianjin Air Traffic Control Bureau cooperated with engineers of Tianjin Zhongli Lightning Protection Technology Co., Ltd. to complete the on-site navigation and lightning protection detection of meteorological equipment and facilities to prepare for winter equipment protection.

This test is mainly aimed at the lightning protection facilities of indoor and outdoor equipment on the site, mainly involving modular SPD in power cabinets, integrated lightning protection box inspection, surge protectors, etc. The lightning protection detection mainly includes the removal of lightning protection modules. Perform grounding measurements on facilities such as the down-conductor of the outdoor antenna unit and the ground flat copper wire. The inspectors used professional measuring equipment such as ground resistance meters, SDP detectors, and clamp-type ground resistance testers, measured the measurement data of about 20 points in the field and the terminal, and provided test reports.

Winter lightning detection is an important part of the annual equipment inspection. Paying attention to the status of lightning protection facilities is of great significance to the safe operation of the equipment.