Two Municipalities In China Strengthen Their Lightning Protection Work

- Jun 08, 2020-

After entering the rainy season, all regions are paying close attention to the lightning protection safety management work, with continuous supervision and inspection, not only dangerous places, but also personnel-intensive places, etc., not only including the operation status of surge protectors/surge protectors, lightning protection projects The design and construction also include the timely detection of lightning protection. Two municipalities directly under the Central Government, such as Beijing and Tianjin, have recently strengthened their lightning protection work through various means.

Beijing Fangshan: From June 1st to 2nd, Beijing Fangshan District Meteorological Bureau Joint District Emergency Management Bureau carried out special supervision on major hazardous sources for some local hazardous enterprises. The inspection contents included the inspection of the lightning protection device, the inspection results, and the qualifications of the inspection unit. In the later period, the Fangshan Meteorological Bureau will gradually establish a normalized joint law enforcement mechanism to strengthen the joint supervision of lightning protection and safety in flammable and explosive places such as oil depots, gas depots, hazardous chemical enterprises, etc. Provide positive support to promote labor.

Tianjin: On May 29, the Regulations Division of the Tianjin Meteorological Bureau organized a promotion meeting for the eastern region of the administrative enforcement of meteorological safety production, and carried out key deployments for lightning protection during the flood season, and requested all units to strengthen the safety production law. Study of laws and regulations such as the Administrative Penalty Law, act in accordance with the law, implement civilized law enforcement, and standardize law enforcement, effectively fulfill the responsibilities of the main body of law enforcement, further tighten and compact the responsibility for lightning safety supervision, strengthen law enforcement inspection, standardize the lightning protection testing market, eliminate Hidden safety hazards to ensure that no safety accidents occur.

Strengthening lightning protection safety supervision is an important responsibility of the local meteorological authorities. Lightning protection safety should not be in the form, but should be based on reality, and do a good job in all aspects of management, in order to reduce the hidden danger of lightning strike safety and ensure the safety of life and property.