Xia Jin: Carrying Out Lightning Protection Safety Inspections For Refined Oil Companies

- Mar 29, 2021-

Source: China Meteorological News Agency Editor: Luan Fei

On March 17, the Xiajin County Meteorological Bureau of Shandong Province carried out a lightning protection safety law enforcement inspection on refined oil companies throughout the county.

Law enforcement officers conducted on-site inspections of the gas station’s lightning protection and safety-related systems, accounts and other information, and on-site inspections of equipment and facilities such as fuel dispensers, unloading grounding and power distribution systems, and put forward rectification suggestions for existing safety hazards, and formed rectifications. The ledger requires the enterprise to rectify within a time limit to ensure that the responsibility is assigned to the individual. The law enforcement officers also demonstrated the national lightning protection and disaster reduction service platform for relevant personnel of the enterprise and explained the "3+2" supervision model.

In addition, the County Meteorological Bureau has established a WeChat group for product oil lightning protection safety management, which regularly sends lightning protection and disaster reduction knowledge in the group to answer lightning protection safety questions in a timely manner.