Xiantao: Meteorological Emergency Departments Jointly Carry Out Lightning Protection Safety Management For Hazardous Chemical Enterprises

- Oct 19, 2020-

From September 14th to October 14th, the Xiantao City Meteorological Bureau and the Municipal Emergency Management Bureau jointly carried out special mine protection inspections and treatments for hazardous chemical enterprises in towns, fields, parks, and districts throughout the city. The city’s Meteorological Bureau and the Emergency Management Bureau jointly issued the "Notice on Carrying out Special Inspection and Governance Work on Lightning Prevention and Safety of Hazardous Chemicals Enterprises". The supervision adhered to the principle of "problem-oriented, in-depth investigation and meticulous correction" and adopted the principle of "listening and investigation". The system, implementation of emergency response plans, implementation of daily lightning protection safety hazards, and annual lightning protection devices of 21 township safety supervision stations and 18 key hazardous chemical enterprises Supervision and inspection were conducted on safety performance testing and other content. In this round of inspections, a total of 7 companies were found to have problems, and the site put forward a deadline for rectification requirements, and instructed the local safety supervision station to supervise and implement the rectification of the companies with problems. The township offices actively cooperated and meticulously recorded the entire process, laying a solid foundation for the development of meteorological safety in production.

By carrying out special inspection and management work for lightning protection, the "decentralization, management and service" reform of the Xiantao Meteorological Department has been further deepened, and the joint supervision work of the meteorological safety production sector has been effectively promoted.