Xiapu, Fujian: Establishing A Grid Lightning Protection Barrier To Ensure Power Supply

- Sep 21, 2020-

Gandian Electric learned that on September 16, the Xiapu Power Supply Company’s Transportation and Inspection Department organized personnel to cooperate with Changda Funing Branch to install lightning arresters and three-span backup clamps from tower #23 to pole 55 of the 35kV Xiyan line in Yantian Town to build a firm The lightning protection barrier of the power grid ensures the safe and stable operation of the power grid.

At the construction site, ensure that the lightning arrester replacement work goes smoothly. After the operators have taken relevant safety measures, they quickly climbed up the poles. After tying the safety ropes, they carefully climbed onto the transformer and found a stable place to stand firm. , They immediately began to operate, and soon they skillfully removed the old arrester and replaced it with a new one.

It is reported that in order to reduce the damage caused by lightning to the power grid, operators combined actual work, focusing on detailed safety measures, focusing on all lines and distribution transformer area lightning arresters in the jurisdiction, and conducting thorough investigations on line arresters. During the investigation, the operators, in accordance with the principle of “checking and changing”, promptly eliminated the damaged lightning arresters, porcelain bottles and hidden dangers; and carried out a general survey of grounding devices, replacing unqualified and severely corroded grounding wires and arresters to ensure lightning protection devices In a good state; carry out careful statistical analysis on areas with high tripping rates and strong lightning activities over the years, and strengthen the lightning protection capability of the power grid by installing line lightning arresters and improving the external insulation level.

In this construction, a total of more than 30 sets of lightning arresters and related three-span backup clamps were installed for the 35kV Xiyan line, which took 2 days to complete. In the next step, the company will continue to strengthen the maintenance of the arrester, and strictly follow the cycle test, maintenance and replacement. At the same time, it analyzes the lightning activity, does a good job of lightning monitoring and lightning protection publicity, timely prevents and eliminates safety hazards caused by frequent weather conditions such as thunderstorms, and strengthens the safe operation of the power grid.