Yunan: Jointly Carry Out Meteorological Disaster Prevention And Lightning Protection Safety Inspection

- Jun 22, 2020-

Source: China Meteorological News Agency Editor: Yan Xin

On June 17, the Guangdong Nanan Meteorological Bureau and the County Housing Construction Bureau formed an inspection team to conduct meteorological disaster prevention and lightning safety production inspections on construction projects and infrastructure projects.

The inspection team focused on checking the implementation of the meteorological disaster prevention work of each unit, whether the lightning protection devices of the buildings (structures) it belongs to carry out lightning protection detection as required, whether the lightning protection detection unit has the relevant qualifications and filed, and whether the climate is carried out according to the prescribed requirements Feasibility demonstration and other related content.

The inspection team put forward rectification opinions on the problems found in the inspection, and ordered the relevant responsible persons to make corrections within a time limit. The inspection results will be notified to the safety committee.